BBC Panorama on Trevi House rehabilitation centre for mothers with their children

The BBC Panorama documentary on Trevi House rehabilitation centre for mothers with their children aired on television last night.

Hannah Shead, CEO of Trevi House, said:

“I am very proud of all that we achieved here at Trevi House and it’s been wonderful to have invited BBC Panorama to the centre to share what we do with the British public. At present, children’s care services are in crisis as the number of children taken into care has reached a record high. Right now there are almost 73,000 children in care across the UK. The sad reality is that instead of being shown compassion and understanding, our women have all too often been met with judgement. I really hope that this film begins to challenge the stigma associated with maternal drug and alcohol use and demonstrates that with the right help and support, mums can keep children in their care whilst receiving treatment, and that lasting change is absolutely possible.”

The film can be watched here.

This is highly relevant to the work we and our foster carers do, and may give some viewers some insight in to the circumstances around why some children come in to the care system.

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