Bush Craft Adventure 2010

Now this was really something different with the company going right out on a limb.

At Hatherliegh Community Centre dark clouds were gathering high in the midday sky and words of “oh no it’s going to rain” and “it looks like the BBC weather forecast is actually right for once” were forming on my mind. Other thoughts included “this is not good” and “please don’t let me be wet for three days!”

When the convoy arrived at the forest called “475,093” Ancient forest gods were looking down on the mighty Outdoor Adventurers. One of the forest gods granted the wish of dry weather for three days to ease their quest (quiet prayer of thanks was given.)

New sounds vibrated across the forest floor as all sensible wildlife packed their bags and went on holiday as our would be explorers made their way up to the brush craft camp, to be greeted by Old Man Forest himself, Rolly “Bear” Jones.
After safety briefs, and the longest introduction into correctly using chemical toilets (incidentally the hygiene of these toilets would remain high for three days and put the local councils toilets to shame. Well done Boys and Girls) the first problem to solve was to find the smoking tree of knowledge, a rally point, followed by sleeping arrangements and tent erection.

The boys swiftly moved into action and tents started popping up around the forest floor in no time. Meanwhile some of the girls took a more interesting approach to putting up their tent. Cleverly they used the “I don’t know?” and the “where does this go?” “Can’t you do this for me technique?”

Then the forest adventurers were soon involved in first aid sessions with Nick as they learnt and experienced the famous casualty carries such as the front arm, piggy back, fireman’s lift, the two person folded arm carry and lastly building rope stretchers (laughter roared through the forest).
The troops then disappeared into the forest for the longest game of hide and seek, until the stars came out and the moon reached its zenith.

Jungle Nick demonstrated building a modest little survival shelter to the adventurers, some of whom initially fancied the idea of building bungalows with decking before they realised that they were the builders!

After forging new friendships and learning new skills our adventurers worked as professionals to help de- construct the camp, and sadly farewells and thanks were given.

The feedback from those that attended can be summed up in one word….fantastic!

A really big thanks to Nick, supported by Lucy, Richard and Rolly I get the impression Nick is already planning his next bush craft adventure so what this space.


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