Foster care and children returning home

Part of being a foster carer is being mindful that Local Authorities will work towards any looked after child or young person returning home safely to their family. This is the reason why foster care has differing lengths of placement as the needs and wellbeing of each looked after child or young person is assessed differently.

Foster carers should also be aware that family circumstances change, not always for the best so placements although intended to be short term can result in being longer term. The reverse may also be the case where families have made major strides in securing the return of a foster child or young person and it is felt appropriate for their return home.

At Regional Foster Families we are constantly aware that there are issues of attachment resulting in mixed emotions when any move is imminent. From an early stage in a fostering career we provide guidance and support to ensure that any return home is supported and that the return home is successful for all concerned.

Regional Foster Families know from experience that foster carers often wish to keep in contact with their placements but this sometimes may be difficult. It is therefore very important that foster carers discuss their feelings with our social workers when a child or young person returns home and that support is given as part of the fostering role.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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