Fostering – Parent and child placements

Regional Foster Families are becoming increasingly involved in parent and child placements. Local Authorities are now asking fostering providers for foster carers who have good assessment skills that can provide valuable and accurate information regarding the parenting skills of a parent and child placement. Often observations will be used by solicitors in assessing whether a parent (usually mother) and child remain together in a family environment. Parent and child placements are becoming increasingly common and whilst usually of a short term nature, once a foster carer has demonstrated good assessment skills, could be of a recurring nature. 

Our agency will, with selected carers, provide training  for parent and child assessment and then for further work to improve parent child development. A distinct benefit of foster carers providing assessment of parenting  is that often the parent themselves is very young and they require some safety, guidance and help on a day to day basis to improve their parenting skills. Clear boundaries are set before the placement begins and that all parties, are aware of the importance of the assessment work to be completed such as key child care responsibilities, specifically when does the foster carer intervene when the parent is deficient in any way. 

Parent and child foster care is a relatively new addition to fostering providers and at Regional Foster Families we take pride in our training to ensure quality assessment of parenting.

If you feel you could provide short term placements on a regular basis please complete our enquiry form specifying your interest in this rewarding aspect of foster care.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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