Introducing… Captain Charlotte, Foster mum!

Frozen food brand Birdseye have a new Captain… and she’s a foster carer.

Legendary Captain Birds Eye will be replaced by foster mum, Charlotte Carter-Dunn from Gloucestershire.

Charlotte has been selected to appear on thousands of Limited Edition fish fingers’ packs in Iceland stores. She impressed judges in a nationwide competition to find a real frozen food hero. Charlotte uses her freezer in clever ways to trim money off her weekly food budget and save on food waste.

The impressive 24-year-old, lives in Gloucestershire where she looks after two foster children. She stood out from over 500 competition entrants for the time and effort it took to create her entry photo. She did an incredible impersonation of the famous seafarer, as well as for her insightful frozen food tips!

Captain Charlotte, prepares a meal for her foster family.

Captain Charlotte, Foster mum, shares her tips on managing families food with her “frozen food hacks”. This helps with her foster family’s busy time table. Such as Freezer organisations, money saving tips and meal ideas; otherwise known as Freezer Tapas by her foster children.

Here is more information about Captain Charlotte, foster mum from the Birds Eye website

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    Thinking of Fostering?
    Thinking of Fostering?

    Thinking About Fostering

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