Young Person Ambassador on job interview panel.

In the East Anglia region; one of our REACH Ambassadors was asked if they could assist the team by being a member of the interview panel when recruiting new members of staff. Below is Sasha’s feedback from the day:

‘In July I had the opportunity to be part of the recruitment panel and interviewed 2 different people. During the interviews I had the chance to ask each individual two questions based on fostering, I made notes based on the answers they had given me. Once we had finished each interview, I then had the chance to say whether I thought they were good for the job, and whether I thought I would get along with them and be able to speak to the person being interviewed, to help make the decision on whether they would be the right person. 

Overall I did much better than I thought I would do and found the opportunity interesting, I felt it was good to be asked questions as I could give my opinion back  and would definitely do this again if given another opportunity’.


REACH is Regional East Anglia Children’s Hub and we meet with the children for the views and feedback on a number of matters like activities, forms we use etc. Some of our children are REACH Ambassadors and meet with the team or help with staff recruitment. Members of REACH include foster children as well as birth children from foster families.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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